Monday’s Report 10-20-16

October 20, 2016
Now that summer has come and gone, our beautiful  leaf season is now in full bloom and with lots of color and the mountains look like they are on fire.

The temperature of days average in the low 70’s and the nights are in the 50’s.

We have had our fall festival when town was packed for the 3 day weekend with bands, food vendors, games for the kids and lots of craft vendors.
The Chamber Of Commerce is having their annual Chili Cook Off this week

This is a festive time of year and now we will start going into our pre-winter season in the next few weeks.

Winter is usually a wet and cold time of the year with snow and rain although we don’t get as much snow as we use to because the climate is changing here as is other parts of the country.

Even in the winter this is a beautiful quiet place to really get out and go hiking and see the country side.